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April 6, 1922
Effects of the acts done in the Divine Will. In the Divine Will the soul places herself at the level of her Creator.

As I was in my usual state, my sweet Jesus carried me outside of myself, and showed me masses of peoples crying, homeless, prey to the greatest desolation; towns collapsed, streets deserted and uninhabitable. One could see nothing but heaps of stones and rubble. Only one point remained untouched by the scourge. My God, what pain, to see these things, and live! I looked at my sweet Jesus, but He did not deign to look at me; rather, He cried bitterly, and with a voice, broken by the tears, told me: “My daughter, man has forgotten Heaven for the earth. It is justice that what is earth be taken away from him, and that he go wandering, unable to find shelter, so that he may remember that Heaven exists. Man has forgotten the soul for the body. So, everything is for the body: pleasures, comforts, sumptuousness, luxury and the like. The soul is starving, deprived of everything, and in many it is dead, as if they did not have it. Now, it is justice that their bodies be deprived, so that they may remember that they have a soul. But – oh, how hard man is! His hardness forces Me to strike him more – who knows whether he would soften under the blows.”

I felt my heart being tortured, and He: “You suffer very much in seeing the world, as if it wanted to tumble about – water and fire spilling out of their boundaries, hurling themselves at man. Therefore, let us withdraw together into your bed, and let us pray together for the destiny of man. In my Will I will feel your heart beating over the entire face of the earth, giving Me a heartbeat for all, which will speak ‘love’. And as I strike the creatures, your heartbeat will place itself in the way, so that the blows may be less hard, and upon touching them, may bring them the balm of my love and of yours.”

I remained very afflicted; more so since, as we withdrew, my sweet Jesus hid in my interior, but so deeply that He almost would not let Himself be felt any more. What pain! What torment! The thought of the scourges terrorized me; His privations gave me mortal pains.

Now, in this state I tried to fuse myself in the Holy Will of God, and I said: ‘My Love, in your Will what is Yours is mine; all created things are mine. The Sun is mine, and I give it to You in return, so that all the light and heat of the Sun, each drop of its light and heat, may tell You that I love You, I adore You, I bless You, I pray to You for all. The stars are mine, and in every flickering of the stars I seal my ‘I love You’, infinite and immense, for all. The plants, the flowers, the water, the fire, the air, are mine, and I give them to You in return, that all of them may say to You, in the name of all: “I love You with that same eternal Love with which You created us…” But if I wanted to say everything it would take too long.

Then Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, how beautiful are the prayers and the acts done in my Will! How the creature is transformed in God the Creator Himself, and gives Him the return for what He has given to her! I created everything for man and I gave everything to him as gift! In my Will the creature rises up to her God and Creator, and finds Him in the act in which He created all things to give them to her as gift; and, trembling before the multiplicity of so many gifts, not having within herself the creative power to create as many things for as many as she has received – she offers her own things to requite Him in love.

I gave you Sun, stars, flowers, water, fire, air…, to give you love; and you, grateful, accepted them, and putting my Love in circulation, you gave Me the return for them. So, I gave you Sun, and Sun you gave to Me; I gave you stars, flowers, water…, and you gave them back to Me. The notes of my Love resounded again over all created things, and with one voice they gave Me the Love which I made flow over the whole Creation. In my Will the soul places herself at the level of her Creator, and, in His own Will, she receives and she gives. Oh, what a contest between creature and Creator! If all could see it, they would remain stupefied at seeing that in my Will the soul becomes a little god – but everything by virtue of the power of my Will.”

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Our daily Divine food


January 30, 1922
The truths are new creations. The truth is light, and light extends by itself; but in order for it to extend, it is necessary to make it known – the rest it will do by itself.

As I was in my usual state, my adorable Jesus came, and seeing me all reluctant to manifest and write what He tells me, with such an imposing look as to make me tremble, He said to me: “My daughter, my word is creative, and when I speak making known a truth that belongs to Me, it is nothing less than new Divine creations that I make in the soul. When I created the heavens, with one single ‘FIAT’ I stretched them out and studded them with billions of stars, to the extent that there is not one point of the earth from which one cannot see this heaven; and if it could not be seen from any point, it would be a dishonor for the Creative Power, and some could say that the creative force did not have the power to extend everywhere. In the same way, my truths are more than heavens, which I would want to make known to all, from one end of the earth to another, and make them pass from mouth to mouth like many stars, to adorn the heaven of the truths I manifested.

If the creature wanted to hide my truths, it would be as if she wanted to prevent Me from creating the heavens; and by the secret she would want to keep, she would dishonor Me, as if someone wanted to prevent others from looking at the heavens, at the Sun, and at all the other things created by Me, so as not to make Me known. Ah! my daughter, the truth is light, and light extends by itself; but in order for it to extend, it is necessary to make it known – the rest it will do by itself. Otherwise, it will remain compressed, without the good of being able to illuminate, and to follow the course it wants. Therefore, be attentive, and do not prevent Me from extending the light of my truths.”

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Message from our Lady Queen of Peace

The Virgin Mary’s message given on September 2nd 2013

“Dear children, I love you all. All of you, all of my children, all of you are in my heart. All of you have my motherly love and I desire to lead all of you to come to know God’s joy. This is why I am calling you. I need humble apostles who, with an open heart, will accept the Word of God and help others to comprehend the meaning of their life along side God’s word. To be able to do this, my children, through prayer and fasting you must learn to listen with the heart and to learn to keep submitting yourselves. You must learn to keep rejecting everything that distances you from God’s word and to yearn only for that which draws you closer to it. Do not be afraid. I am here. You are not alone. I am imploring the Holy Spirit to renew and strengthen you. I am imploring the Holy Spirit that, as you help others, you too may be healed. I am imploring Him that, through Him, you may be God’s children and my apostles.
 For the sake of Jesus, for the sake of my Son, love those whom He has called and long for the blessing only from the hands which He has consecrated. Do not permit evil to come to reign. Anew I repeat – only along side your shepherds will my heart triumph. Do not permit evil to separate you from your shepherds. Thank you.”

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Our daily Divine food


June 2, 1921
In coming upon earth, Jesus said almost nothing or very little about His Will.

I was feeling very oppressed because I was told that they wanted to print all that my sweet Jesus had manifested to me about His Most Holy Will. My distress was such that I also felt restless; and my sweet Jesus said to me in my interior: “Do you want to arbitrate yourself? That’s a good one. Just because a teacher has chosen to dictate his doctrine to one pupil, this doctrine and the good which can be done through it, cannot be made public? This would be absurd, and would sadden the teacher. And then, there is nothing about you – it is all my doctrine. You have been nothing but a clerk. And just because I have chosen you, you would want to bury my teachings and therefore also my Glory?”

But with all this, I felt restless; and my always lovable Jesus, coming out from within my interior, placed His arm around my neck, and holding me tightly, told me: “My beloved daughter, calm yourself, calm yourself, and make your Jesus content.”

And I: ‘My Love, this sacrifice is too hard; at the mere thought that all that passed between You and me has to come out, I feel I am dying and my heart cracks for the pain. If I wrote, it was only to obey and for fear that You might be displeased; and now look into what a maze obedience is throwing me. My Life, have pity on me, and put your holy hand in this.’

And Jesus: “My daughter, if I want this sacrifice, you must be ready to make it – you must deny Me nothing. Now, you must know that, in coming upon earth, I came to manifest my Celestial doctrine, to make known my Humanity, my Fatherland, and the order which the creature had to maintain in order to reach Heaven – in a word, the Gospel. But I said almost nothing or very little about my Will. I almost passed over It, only making them understand that the thing which I cared the most was the Will of my Father. I said almost nothing about Its qualities, about Its height and greatness, and about the great goods which the creature receives by living in my Volition, because the creature was too much of an infant in Celestial things, and would have understood nothing. I just taught her to pray: ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua, sicut in coelo et interra’, so that she might dispose herself to know this Will of Mine in order to love It, to do It, and therefore receive the gifts It contains. Now, that which I was to do a that time – the teachings about my Will which I was to give to all – I have given to you. So, making them known is nothing but making up for what I Myself was to do while on earth as the fulfillment of my Coming. Don’t you want Me, then, to fulfill the purpose of my coming upon earth? Therefore, let Me do; I will watch over everything and dispose everything – and you, follow Me and be at peace.”

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Latest Tweets from Pope Francis


Don’t be afraid to ask God for forgiveness. He never tires of forgiving us. God is pure mercy.
Lord, teach us to step outside ourselves. Teach us to go out into the streets and manifest your love.
An excellent program for our lives: the Beatitudes and Matthew Chapter 25.
We cannot be Christians part-time. If Christ is at the center of our lives, he is present in all that we do.
We cannot sleep peacefully while babies are dying of hunger and the elderly are without medical assistance.

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Our daily Divine food


March 16, 1931
The heavens and the whole Creation symbolize the celestial hierarchy. How an act of pure love is formed.

I felt my poor mind immersed in the interminable Light of the Divine Will. So, I tried to follow Its acts done in Creation, and I was saying to myself: “I would like to be heavens to be able to extend myself in everyone and everywhere—and in all points and over everyone—my love, my adoration, my glory toward my Creator. I would like to be sun, and have so much light as to fill heaven and earth, and convert everything into light and, in this light, have my continuous cry: ‘I love You, I love You.’”

But while my mind was speaking nonsense, my sweet and highest Good, Jesus, making Himself seen, told me: “My daughter, all Creation symbolizes God, the order of the diversity of Saints and of souls. Its harmony, the union that all Creation possesses, the order, the inseparability, symbolizes the celestial hierarchy with its Creator at the head of it. Look at the heavens that extend everywhere and have all created things under their azure vault, ruling over all, in such a way that no one can escape their sight and their rule. Oh! how they symbolize God, who everywhere extends His dominion and no one can escape His sight. While these heavens enclose everything, however, a great diversity appears in the created things; some are as though immediate to the heavens—and these are the stars, that, though from down below they appear as little, up above are so great, and with such variety of colors and beauty, and have a symphony in their vertiginous race with all Creation, as to form one of the most beautiful musics; their motion and sound, so sweet and vibrant, that it cannot be compared to any of the most beautiful musics of down here. These stars seem to live of Heaven, so much are they identified with It—symbol of the souls who will live of Divine Will: they will be so immediate to and identified with God, as to receive all the varieties of the Divine Qualities, and live of them in such a way as to form the most beautiful ornament to the Heaven of their Creator.

Keep looking, My daughter; under these heavens, but as though detached from them, between Heaven and earth appears the sun, a sphere placed for the benefit of the earth; its light descends down below and rises up high, as though wanting to embrace Heaven and earth. Therefore it can be said that its light, touching the heavens, lives of Heaven—symbol of those souls chosen by God to make graces descend from Heaven, and make them descend upon earth in order to call it back to live in the Divine Will. And the first is My Celestial Mama, unique as the sun that extends its wings of light; and this light rises up high, descends down below, to reunite God and man, to reconcile him and lead him, by means of its light, to his Creator. The stars seem to live on their own, united with the Divine Heaven, while the sun lives of God, but gives itself to all, and its mission is to do good to all. Such is the Sovereign Queen. But this Sun will not be alone; many other little suns will rise, that will draw light from this great Sun, and these will be those few who will have the mission of making My Divine Will known. Then, the low level of the earth, the sea, the plants, the flowers, the trees, the mountains, the flowery forests, symbolize the Saints, the good souls, and all those who enter into the harbor of salvation. But see the great difference: the heavens, the stars, the sun, have no need of the earth; on the contrary, they give much to the earth—they give it life, they sustain it. Not only this, but all the things created by Us that up high are always at their place, they never change, they neither increase nor decrease, because they have such fullness as to have need of nothing. On the other hand, the earth, the plants, the sea and so forth, are mutable—now they make a beautiful appearance, and now they reach the point of disappearing completely. They have need of everything—of water, of light, of heat, of the seed in order to reproduce. What difference—the created things that are up high can give, and have need only of God in order to be preserved; while the earth has need not only of God, but of everything; and if the human hand did not work it, it would remain sterile, without doing anything at all of great good. Such is the difference: one who lives of My Will feels only the need of God in order to live of His Life; while one who does not have His Life as beginning keeps begging support and help from all; and when he does not find them, he remains like earth, which is incapable of producing much good at all. Therefore, let My Divine Will alone be the life and the beginning of all your acts, if you want to feel only the need for your Jesus. You will find Me always ready—I, more yearning to give it to you, than you to receive it; while the help of creatures is given with difficulty and reluctantly, so much so, that the one who receives it feels the bitterness of the help that is given to him by the creature. My helps, instead, bring joy and happiness.”

Then, I was continuing my “I love You” in the Divine Fiat, and was thinking to myself: “But, is my love pure?”

And my beloved Jesus added: “My daughter, in order for you to be able to give Me a pure love, a glance to your interior says everything: if your heart palpitates, yearns for, desires only My Love; if your hands operate only for love of Me; if your feet walk only out of love; if your will wants only My Love; if your intelligence seeks always the way to love Me; your ‘I love You’ with the word—do you know what it does? It gathers all together the whole complex of the love that you have inside yourself, and makes it one, and forms an act of pure and complete love for your Jesus. So, your word does nothing other than make known its extension of the love that you have inside yourself. But if inside not everything is love, since the pure fount is missing inside, there can be neither pure nor complete love.”


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Latest Tweets from Pope Francis


One cannot separate Christ and the Church. The grace of Baptism gives us the joy of following Christ in and with the Church.
We are all jars of clay, fragile and poor, yet we carry within us an immense treasure.
With his coming among us, Jesus came close to us and encountered us; also today, through the Sacraments, he encounters us.
The light of faith illumines all our relationships and helps us to live them in union with the love of Christ, to live them like Christ.
The security of faith does not make us motionless or close us off, but sends us forth to bear witness and to dialogue with all people.

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New message from our Lady in Medjugorje

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New Message of Our Lady in Medjugorje

July 2013 message given to Marija

Dear children! With joy in my heart I call all of you to live your faith and to witness it with your heart and by your example in every way.

Decide, little children, to be far from sin and temptation and may there be joy and love for holiness in your hearts.

I love you, little children, and accompany you with my intercession before the Most High.

Thank you for having responded to my call.
Medjugorje message, July 25, 2013

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Eucharistic Miracle July 24, 2013 in Guadalajara Mexico



This Wednesday July 24th Eucharistic Miracle occurred in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

“This is a time of great blessing for this community and for the whole world.” So the priest called Jose Dolores Castellanos Gudino the phenomenon that occurred in his parish yesterday after blood sprouted a consecrated host.

Between songs, clapping, tears, long lines and cellulars wanting to capture the moment, thousands of faithful Catholics and non-believers attended the Parish of Mary Mother of the Church located in Colonia Jardines de la Paz (Guadalajara, Mexico) to witness of which we call a divine event or miracle.

A flash and a voice
It was 12:00 on the hour when the  parish priest was making his daily prayer  kneeling before the Blessed when suddenly saw a flash and heard a voice that gave some indications:

“Chimes the bells to pour out blessings to those who are present all day. Take your little sanctuary of private worship and bring to the altar of the parish,  do not open the Tabernacle until three in the afternoon, not before, will perform a miracle in the Eucharist, the miracle to take place will be called the ‘Miracle of the Eucharist in the embodiment of love and our Mother and Lady’ “.

After “the voice” told him to convey “the apostles” (the priests) to serve them in their conversion and all souls fill with blessings.

A priest excited
Father Lolo- his parishioners said he could not utter a word to that voice that spoke more than: “My Lord am thy servant, thy will.”

His voice breaking with emotion he could not conceal the priest continued narrating what happened:

“I did as I was ordered, I asked them to open the doors of the temple, it was about half past two p.m., also commanded to sound the bells as I said. In this small private chapel this humble wooden tabernacle, I put on the altar, also got the Blessed Sacrament as ordered and at about three in the afternoon people were gathered prayed to the Blessed Sacrament station,  at 3:00 I went to open the tabernacle and consecrated the host  through our Lord Jesus Christ and it was bathed in blood. “

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