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Letters of Luisa Piccarreta

1. To the General Superiors of the Rogationist Fathers and of the Daughters of the Divine Zeal.
Reverend Fathers and Mothers General,
May the Divine Consoler Jesus console you and put balm on the deep wound opened in your hearts by the loss of dear M. Gesuina. But no, you have not lost her. She has left for Heaven and you have acquired a peacemaker and protector before God, just as she was on earth. She will continue to do, from there, the office of peacemaker; more so, since she left in a moment in which you, dear Superiors, moan, and the whole work moans, because you want the peace that you so longed for. Having completed her course, her beautiful soul, candid and pacific, had nothing else to do on earth; Heaven demanded her, in seeing that her course as creature had been accomplished, because It could no longer keep her away.
Therefore, all we can do is to say “Deo gratias” for the fortunate M. Gesuina, and “Fiat” for ourselves who have lost her, and this “Fiat” will remedy everything. So, let us not get discouraged by sorrow and losses; they are always bearers of graces, light, and most surprising aids. We have an omnipotent Will with us; therefore there is nothing to fear. This Divine Volition will change hearts in order to form the ones who are needed. Blessed Jesus and our Celestial Mama will be together with you, to guide you and dispose all things according to their adorable Will.
My good Mother, Reverend Father, I feel great compassion for you; I know it has been a tearing in your maternal and paternal hearts. Therefore I pray to Jesus that He may give you strength, and put Himself in the place of your hearts, so as to heal the pain and provide for everything.
I commend myself to your prayers, and leaving you in the peace of the Divine Will, I kiss your hand, reverend Mother; and kissing the hand of Father, I implore his paternal blessing.
Your most devoted servant,
Luisa Piccarreta.
Corato, February 24, 1932

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