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WHY DOES GOD WILL THE REMOVAL OF MASSES, THE SACRAMENTS, THE PRIESTS .. ETC…??? ANSWER: VOLUME 12 – February 12, 1918 Churches deserted and without ministers Continuing in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen so very afflicted, and I said to Him: ‘MY LOVE, WHAT’S WRONG THAT YOU ARE SO AFFLICTED?’ …

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WHAT IS NEEDED Storm Luisa with your prayers.             If we wish the Servant of God to continue, and even hasten, her ascent to the glory of the altar, let us give her a chance to perform first class miracles.             Her holiness and the favors already granted should impregnate our supplications with unquenchable confidence. …

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Urgent Message for Divine Mercy Sunday!

Urgent Message for Divine Mercy Sunday! Posted on April 19, 2020 Beloved, the message in this video unfortunately is not known or well understood by many. Having just watched it, I cannot bear not getting it to you right away on this blessed Eve of Divine Mercy Sunday. Please trust the message of God’s truly unfathomable Mercy …

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In honor of Pope Benedict XVI birthday and Baptism this day, April 16…the following are excerpts from the attached document of 2017.   St. Mary Magdalene and St. John are Symbolic of Luisa and the Holy Father In addition to the Plan of Salvation, one might recognize time, Eternity and the Fullness of God’s Plan captured …

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Divine Mercy Novena Starts today 4/10/2020

Divine Mercy in my Soul Divine Mercy Novena found here

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