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Humility – From the writings of Luisa Piccarreta

Ah, yes, Humility draws grace,

Humility breaks the strongest chains, which are sin.

Humility surmounts any wall of division between the soul and God, and brings her back to Him.

Humility is a little plant, but always green and flowery, not subject to being gnawed by worms; nor will winds, hail or heat be able to do harm to it, or make it wither, even slightly.

Though being the littlest plant, humility produces very high branches, which penetrate even into Heaven, braiding around the Heart of Our Lord; and only the branches which come from this plant have free access into that adorable Heart.

Humility is the anchor of peace during the storms of the sea waves of this life.

Humility is the salt which spices all virtues and preserves the soul from the corruption of sin.

Humility is the little grass which sprouts along the way treaded by wayfarers; while being treaded, it disappears, but soon one can see it sprout again, more beautiful than before.

Humility is like a gentle graft, which renders the wild plant gentle.

Humility is the sunset of guilt.

Humility is the newborn of grace.

Humility is like the moon, which guides us in the darkness of the night of this life.

Humility is like that shrewd merchant who knows well how to trade his riches, and wastes not even one cent of the grace that is given to him.


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