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Padre Bucci’s Easter Blessing 2019

His Easter Message:

Wishing you a Holy Easter, under the protection of Luisa, The Saint.

Most assuredly that she, Luisa can help you understand the Mystery of Easter.

With utmost certainty Luisa has Fully Understood and entered into the Mystery of Easter.

My prayer is that you are also able to Live this Mystery in Truth.

Luisa with certainty has Fully Lived, day by day within the Mystery of Jesus Christ.

As so my prayer is that all you will Live these days by meditating on the writings of Luisa. Especially everything encompassing Easter and in particular the Hours of the Passion.  But, not only meditating on the Passion but also the Glory of the Resurrection.

May the Holy Blessing of God come upon all of you, your family and the prayer groups in the United States and all over the world.

I give you my Priestly Blessing, In the Name of the +Father, +Son and +Holy Spirit.

Blessed Easter!

And also to pray with Rosaria Bucci, that she may continue to help stop abortions and all that may limit the life of the pregnancy of a woman and anything that ends the life of a preborn baby.

(Padre Bucci has told us that, a few weeks before Luisa died that she informed his Aunt Rosaria, who helped with the care of Luisa for 40 years, that Jesus gave Rosaria the Mission of helping the Preborn in a similar way that Jesus gave Luisa the Mission of those Born, to the Light of the Day.

Volume 36 – April 12,1938

“My blessed daughter of My Will, how many wonders My Will can make in the creature, as long as she gives It the first place and all the freedom to operate.  My Will takes the human will, the word, the act that the creature wants to do, as part of Itself – covers it with Its creative virtue, pronounces Its Fiat in it, and forms as many lives for as many existing creatures.   You were asking in My Will for the baptism of all newborn babies that shall come to the light of the day – and then, for Its Life to Reign in them.  My Will did not hesitate for an instant; soon it pronounced Its Fiat and Formed as Many Lives from Itself for as many newborn babies coming to the light – baptizing them, as you wanted, with Its First Light, and then giving each one of them Its Life.  If these newborn babies, for lack of knowledge, shall not possess Our Life, this life still remains for Us, and we shall have Many Divine Lives which Love Us, Triune God, Glorify Us, Bless Us, as We do Ourselves.  These Divine Lives are Our Greatest Glory, but they don’t put aside the creature who Gave Our Fiat the opportunity to Form so Many of Our Lives for these newborn babies who are coming to the light; rather, they keep her hidden in themselves to let her Love as they Love, and let her Do what they Do.  Neither would they set the newborn babies aside; rather, they would Give them So Much Attention, Guard and Defend them as to be able to Reign in their soul.


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