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Letters of Luisa Piccarreta 2 and 3

2. To Sister Giovannina.
To my dear Sister M. Giovannina, in memory of her vows, always with Jesus.
The mind toward Heaven, the gaze to the Cross, the heart loving Him, the arms always in the act of hugging Him, the steps calling Him, the words saying always “Fiat”. In each thing never escape from acquiring a degree of sanctity. Make yourself a saint; Jesus wants it, make Him content.
The little daughter of the Divine Will
Corato, May 14, 1932
3. To Mother General of the Daughters of the Divine Zeal.
My good and reverend Mother,
I don’t know what to say, because my littleness is such that I am good at nothing; therefore I ask Jesus to do Himself what I should do. And for my wishes, may He bring you His Heart, His words animated by His Will, and taking dominion within you, may It reign with all Its fullness, in such a way that not you, but Jesus Himself, will carry out the office of Mother General, and you will be only the garment that covers Jesus. He will do everything well; He will put all things in place and will give you that peace that you so much desire.
These are my wishes for your Name Day, wishes of interior and external peace. You have great need that Jesus be the one who does everything and takes the reins, so that He may put each one in the place disposed by His Will. Therefore, courage, trust; let Jesus do everything and you will be content.
I renew my wishes together with my sister; pray for me and, from the heart, I will do it for you. Kissing your right hand with all my esteem, I say,
Most devotedly yours,
Luisa Piccarreta
Corato, July 22, 1932

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