Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe


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The Association Luisa Piccarreta

Altamura Luisa Piccareta Official

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Newsletter Pic 1The Association Luisa Piccarreta – Little Children of the Divine Will invited by the Daughters of Divine Zeal at Altamura

In the afternoon of Sunday, November 8, the Association Luisa Piccarreta – Little Children of the Divine Will was invited by the Institute of the Daughters of Divine Zeal, at Altamura. Here it was warmly greeted with a welcome reception and immediately an atmosphere of brotherhood and friendship was established. The initial impact with the Institute, almost equal to that of Corato,  confirmed from the very beginning this feeling. The purpose of the visit was, of course, the spreading of the spirituality of Luisa Piccarreta the little daughter of the Divine Will: the Sanctity of living in the Divine Will, a gift that God, our merciful Father, wants to give to everyone universally.

Perhaps not everybody knows the strong bond between Saint Annibale Maria di Francia, founder of the Daughters of Divine Zeal and the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, the mystic from Corato. This is what happened to the representative of the group of voluntary Association PADIF (Father Annibale di Francia) that works inside the Institute at Altamura. She told us that several months ago, while she was doing her volunteer service in the library of the Institute, she discovered some books concerning our Luisa and her exchange of letters with Father Annibale. She was so astonished that she wanted to inaugurate the social year 2015 in the place where you can still feel the presence of the two figures: the Institute of the Daughters of Divine Zeal in Corato where, last March, during the Lenten retreat, the first meeting with the Association Luisa Piccarreta – Little Children of the Divine Will took place. On that occasion, Don Sergio spoke about the birth and publication of The Twenty-Four Hours of the Passion that Father Annibale wanted. (He wrote the Preface to the text and added a Treatise on the Divine Will.) This year marks the 100th anniversary of publication of the book.

This aroused in all present and especially in the group from Altamura a new thirst for knowledge about Luisa’s spirituality and they expressed the desire to spread this knowledge to others. So they invited the Association Luisa Piccarreta – Little Children of the Divine Will to give a testimony in their town.

We took our seats in the chapel where, after presenting Sister Assunta, the Association Luisa Piccarreta – Little Children of the Divine Will.  and its representatives,  Don Sergio began talking about the figure of Luisa from the day of her birth on April 23, 1865. He referred to all the most important points of her life that represent her spirituality and led her to become a victim soul because of her love for Jesus and the salvation of mankind: the vision of Jesus suffering under the weight of the Cross and crowned with thorns, under her balcony; the total stiffening of her body that she called as her usual state;  her continuous dialogue with Jesus and her revelations about  Creation,  Passion, Redemption and Sanctification to learn to live in His Will on earth as it is in heaven.

A video titled “Dawn of a Mystery” was broadcast in support of all that was said. Through it we retraced the life of Luisa, since she was a child, her childhood at “Torre disperata” her perennial immolation in a bed until she died, the years spent at the Institute of the Daughters of Divine Zeal in Corato, in addition to some interviews, about her spirituality, with those who have a deep knowledge as Sister Assunta, Archbishop Giovanni Battista Pichierri, Msgr. Giannotti.

All this was confirmed by those present, who politely followed what was said. They participated and showed interest in increasing this initial knowledge, with questions and short testimonies, as Sister Luisa who “met” Luisa Piccarreta through Sister Vincenzina Caputo and Sr. Assunta, when she was in Corato. She said that when she had just arrived at the convent, she was struck by the recurring name of “Luisa the Saint ” and was astonished that this could be related to her. Then she discovered that it was about another Luisa, precisely, Luisa Piccarreta, died in 1947 in the odor of sanctity.

Sister Candida also gave her testimony. She lived and worked at the Institute of Corato when Luisa had already ended her earthly life. Here she was given the task to be the “teacher” of the children who attended the institute, but Sister Candida felt inadequately prepared, not ready for that task.  So she began to turn to Luisa to get some help by her in any way. One night Luisa appeared to her in a dream, telling her and reassuring her that Jesus is the Master and that she would be only the dog that accompanies and is close to the sheep (the children of the Institute) never stop smiling, what she does really.

Before ending, we prayed all together the last decade of the Rosary that was interrupted because of our arrival at the institute, the Salve Regina and the prayer for the glorification of our sister Luisa Piccarreta. There was still time to visit the room where Father Annibale stayed during his visits to the Institute at Altamura that the next year, 2016, will reach its centenary. In this room the bed, closet, dresser, desk, used by the Saint from Messina are kept, as well as a large glass case containing clothes and objects belonged to him.

Next to the room of Father Annibale there is the room that once belonged to Father Pantaleone Palma, born in Oria (BR). He was one of the closest and main collaborators of Father Annibale. Now this room is transformed into a small museum with other objects and vestments of the Saint.

Inside the institute, the mortal remains of Melanie, visionary of La Salette are kept. St. Annibale Maria di Francia had her remains moved from the cathedral of Altamura and when she was alive he really wanted her by his side because he had found in her, as later in Luisa, spiritual qualities and abilities.

The mutual exchange of hospitality between the Association Luisa Piccarreta – Little Children of the Divine Will, the group of Voluntary Association PADIF, the Daughters of Divine Zeal and all the people present in the Chapel, is an invitation to keep alive the ties between the two cities, as claimed by Don Sergio,  so that the knowledge of the Supreme Kingdom could spread through the intercession of Luisa and St. Annibale Maria di Francia: the firstborn daughter and the Apostle of the Divine Will.

Associazione Luisa Piccarreta


Telefono: 0808982221 | Email: info@luisapiccarretaofficial.org

Associazione Luisa Piccarreta – Piccoli Figli della Divina Volontà
Via Luisa Piccarreta, 25/27 CORATO BA70033


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Letters of Luisa Piccarreta 4 and 5

4. “For the good Sister Giovannina”.
Blessed daughter,
Thank you for your wishes; as for my wishes, I send you the Crucifix, so that you may look at Him and copy Him, love Him and enclose Him in your heart. And to console Him, may you place your will into His hands, so that He may reign in you, and form His heaven of love and of perennial peace.
Pray for me.



5. J.M.J.
Fiat – In Voluntate Dei!
My good daughter in the Divine Volition,
I send you the greetings of the “Fiat”, which will bring Its life into your mind, so as to form the Divine Trinity within it, Its love in your heart, Its motion in the pain you suffer, and Its creative virtue in such a way that you will feel It flowing in your blood – in your breath. You will feel It palpitating in all your being, and will feel Its company. It will never leave you alone, and you will often kiss It, squeeze It tightly in your arms, love It more and more, and say: “Give me the food of your Will, raise me in your arms, clothe me with your Light, heal me with your creative virtue.”
Look at what a beautiful gift the operating Divine Will is sending you, as It wants to make of you a saint. Do not get discouraged; these are works that It wants to do, and when It is determined to do them, It won’t listen to reason: if It does not finish Its work, It is not content.
Therefore, my daughter, be at peace, rest in Its arms like a little baby. I repeat the greetings of the “Fiat”.
Most affectionately yours,
The little daughter of the Divine Will

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Letters of Luisa Piccarreta 2 and 3

2. To Sister Giovannina.
To my dear Sister M. Giovannina, in memory of her vows, always with Jesus.
The mind toward Heaven, the gaze to the Cross, the heart loving Him, the arms always in the act of hugging Him, the steps calling Him, the words saying always “Fiat”. In each thing never escape from acquiring a degree of sanctity. Make yourself a saint; Jesus wants it, make Him content.
The little daughter of the Divine Will
Corato, May 14, 1932
3. To Mother General of the Daughters of the Divine Zeal.
My good and reverend Mother,
I don’t know what to say, because my littleness is such that I am good at nothing; therefore I ask Jesus to do Himself what I should do. And for my wishes, may He bring you His Heart, His words animated by His Will, and taking dominion within you, may It reign with all Its fullness, in such a way that not you, but Jesus Himself, will carry out the office of Mother General, and you will be only the garment that covers Jesus. He will do everything well; He will put all things in place and will give you that peace that you so much desire.
These are my wishes for your Name Day, wishes of interior and external peace. You have great need that Jesus be the one who does everything and takes the reins, so that He may put each one in the place disposed by His Will. Therefore, courage, trust; let Jesus do everything and you will be content.
I renew my wishes together with my sister; pray for me and, from the heart, I will do it for you. Kissing your right hand with all my esteem, I say,
Most devotedly yours,
Luisa Piccarreta
Corato, July 22, 1932

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Letters of Luisa Piccarreta

1. To the General Superiors of the Rogationist Fathers and of the Daughters of the Divine Zeal.
Reverend Fathers and Mothers General,
May the Divine Consoler Jesus console you and put balm on the deep wound opened in your hearts by the loss of dear M. Gesuina. But no, you have not lost her. She has left for Heaven and you have acquired a peacemaker and protector before God, just as she was on earth. She will continue to do, from there, the office of peacemaker; more so, since she left in a moment in which you, dear Superiors, moan, and the whole work moans, because you want the peace that you so longed for. Having completed her course, her beautiful soul, candid and pacific, had nothing else to do on earth; Heaven demanded her, in seeing that her course as creature had been accomplished, because It could no longer keep her away.
Therefore, all we can do is to say “Deo gratias” for the fortunate M. Gesuina, and “Fiat” for ourselves who have lost her, and this “Fiat” will remedy everything. So, let us not get discouraged by sorrow and losses; they are always bearers of graces, light, and most surprising aids. We have an omnipotent Will with us; therefore there is nothing to fear. This Divine Volition will change hearts in order to form the ones who are needed. Blessed Jesus and our Celestial Mama will be together with you, to guide you and dispose all things according to their adorable Will.
My good Mother, Reverend Father, I feel great compassion for you; I know it has been a tearing in your maternal and paternal hearts. Therefore I pray to Jesus that He may give you strength, and put Himself in the place of your hearts, so as to heal the pain and provide for everything.
I commend myself to your prayers, and leaving you in the peace of the Divine Will, I kiss your hand, reverend Mother; and kissing the hand of Father, I implore his paternal blessing.
Your most devoted servant,
Luisa Piccarreta.
Corato, February 24, 1932

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Fourth International Congress on Servent of God Luisa Piccarreta

ARCIVESCOVO invito 4 convegno 2015 -1 english

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The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will day 12

Day Twelve
The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will leaves the Cradle,
takes Her first Steps, and, with Her childlike Acts,
calls God to descend upon Earth,
and calls the Creatures to Live in the Divine Will.

The soul to the Celestial Little Queen:
Here I come again to You, my Dear Little Baby, in the house of Nazareth. I want to be spectator of Your tender age; I want to give You my hand as You take Your first steps and speak with Your holy mama and with Your father Joachim. Little as You are, after You have been weaned, in walking You help Saint Anne in the little tasks. My Little Mama, how dear You are to me, and all striking. O please! Give me Your Lessons, that I may follow Your Childhood and learn from You, also in the little human actions, to Live in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.
Lesson of the Little Queen of Heaven:
My dear daughter, My only desire is to keep my daughter near Me. Without you I feel lonely, and I have no one to whom to confide My Secrets. So, it is My Maternal Cares that seek to have My daughter near Me, whom I keep in My Heart, in order to give you My Lessons, and so make you comprehend how to Live in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.
But the human volition does enter into It; it remains crushed and in act of receiving continual deaths before the Light, Sanctity and Power of the Divine Will. But do you think that the human volition remains afflicted because the Divine Will keeps it in the act of dying continually? Ah, no, no—rather, it feels Happy that upon its dying will, the Divine Will is Born Again and Rises Victorious and Triumphant over it, bringing to it Joy and Happiness without end. It is enough to comprehend, dear daughter, what it means to let oneself be Dominated by It and to experience It, for the creature to abhor her own will so much, that she would rather let herself be torn to pieces than go out of the Divine Will.
Now listen to Me: I departed from Heaven only to do the Will of the Eternal One; and even though I had My Heaven within Me— which was the Divine Will—and I was Inseparable from My Creator, yet I enjoyed being in the Celestial Fatherland. More so since, the Divine Will being in Me, I felt My Rights of Daughter to be with Them, to let Myself be rocked as a tiny little one in Their Paternal Arms, and to participate in all the Joys and Happiness, Riches and Sanctity, which They possessed, for as much as I could take of them, and to fill Myself so much, as to be unable to contain any more. And the Supreme Being enjoyed in seeing that, without fear, but rather, with Highest Love, I filled Myself with Their Goods; nor was I surprised that They would let Me take whatever I wanted. I was Their daughter—one was the Will which animated Us; whatever They Wanted, I wanted as well. So, I felt that the Properties of My Celestial Father were Mine. The only difference is that I was little, and could not embrace or take all Their Goods; as many as I would take, so many were left, that I had no capacity to contain them, because I was always a creature; while the Divinity was Great— Immense, and in One Single Act It Embraced Everything.
But, in spite of this, at the moment They would let Me understand that I was to deprive Myself of Their Celestial Joys and of the Chaste Embraces which We gave each other, I would depart from Heaven without hesitation, and would return to the midst of My dear parents. They loved Me  very much; I was all Lovable, Striking, Cheerful, Peaceful, and Filled with Childlike Grace, such as to Captivate their affection for Me. They were all attentive over Me—I was their Jewel. When they took Me in their arms, they felt unusual things, and a Divine Life Palpitating in Me.
Now, daughter of My Heart, you must know that as My Life down here began, the Divine Will extended Its Kingdom in all My Acts. So, My Prayers, My Words, My Steps, the food, the sleep I took, the little tasks with which I helped My mother, were animated by the Divine Will. And since I have always carried you in My Heart, I called you as My daughter in all My Acts. I called your acts to be together with Mine, so that also in your acts, even indifferent ones, the Kingdom of the Divine Will might extend. Listen to how much I have Loved you: if I Prayed, I called your prayer into Mine, so that yours and Mine might receive the same Value and Power— the Value and the Power of a Divine Will. If I spoke, I called your word; if I walked, I called your steps; and if I did the little human actions, indispensable to the human nature—such as taking the water, sweeping, helping My mother by handing the wood to her in order to start the fire, and many other similar things—I called these same acts of yours, that they might receive the Value of a Divine Will, and so that, both in Mine and in yours, Its Kingdom might extend. And while calling you in each of My Acts, I called the Divine Word to descend upon earth.
O! How much I have Loved you, My daughter. I wanted your acts within Mine in order to render you Happy and to let you Reign together with Me, and—O! How many times I called you and your acts, but, to My Greatest Sorrow, Mine remained isolated, and I saw yours as though lost within your human will, forming—horrible to say—the kingdom, not Divine, but human: the kingdom of passions, and the kingdom of sin, of unhappinesses and misfortunes. Your Mama cried over your misfortune; and for each act of human will that you do, as I know the unhappy kingdom to which they lead you, My Tears are still pouring, to make you comprehend the great evil that you do.
Therefore, listen to your Mama: if you do the Divine Will, Joys, Happinesses, will be given to you by right; everything will be in common with your Creator; weaknesses, miseries, will be banished from you. And then you will be the dearest of My children; I will keep you in My same Kingdom, to let you Live always of Divine Will.

The soul:
Holy Mama, who can resist seeing You cry and not listen to Your Holy Lessons? I, with all my heart, promise, I swear, never to do my will—never again. And You, Divine Mama—never leave me alone, so that the Empire of Your Presence may crush my will, to let me Reign, always—always in the Will of God.

Little Sacrifice:
Today, to honor Me, you will give Me all your acts to keep Me company during My tender age, saying to Me three Acts of Love, in memory of the three years which I lived with My mother, Saint Anne.
Ejaculatory Prayer:
Powerful Queen, Captivate my heart, to enclose it in the Will of God.

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The Will of God, your sanctification

1 Thessalonians 4:3

For this is the will of God, your sanctification

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Will of my Father in Heaven

Matthew 7:21-23

21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven. 22 On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many deeds of power in your name?’ 23 Then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; go away from me, you evildoers.’

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The Will of Him who sent me

John 6:38

38 for I have come down from heaven, not to do my own will, but the will of him who sent me.

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